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Our lab is interested in the systems biology and evolution of epigenetic switches (bistability) and clocks (oscillators) in gene regulatory networks. We use experiment and theory, biology and physics, systems and synthetic biology to study the cell cycle, metabolic rhythms, and circadian clocks. How do oscillators with different frequencies co-exist in the same cell? Are there mechanisms and regulatory principles that ensure functional harmony between oscillators?

Mariana defends PhD thesis

marianaMariana Gomez-Schiavon successfully defended her dissertation on “Stochastic Dynamics and Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression:  From Stimulus Response to Evolutionary Adaptation“. Congratulations!  Mariana is now a Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Ph.D.

Her committee was Katia Koelle (Biology), Ryan Baugh (Biology), Joshua Socolar (Physics), and Nicolas Buchler (Biology & Physics).