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Our lab is interested in the systems biology and evolution of epigenetic switches (bistability) and clocks (oscillators) in gene regulatory networks, two functions that are essential for proper patterning, cell proliferation, and cellular differentiation in biological systems.

Duke iGEM 2014

Official Duke iGEM logoThe Buchler lab welcomes the Duke 2014 iGEM team (Anthony Ciesla, Matthew Farnitano, Matthew Faw, Delta Ghoshal, Garima Tomar, Janan Zhu, Mike Zhu). These Duke undergraduates and NCSSM high-school students are building synthetic switches and oscillators in bacteria using CRISPRs.


iGEM2014Team photo by Karim Ali:

From left to right:  Nick Buchler (bottom), Charlie Cooper, Garima Tomar, Matt Faw (top), Anthony Ciesla, Delta Ghoshal, Matt Farnitano, Charlie Gersbach, and Mike Zhu