Anne Marie Augustus, Post-doctoral Fellow

Biochemistry, Ph.D. Duke University (2009)
Biochemistry and Linguistics, B.S. Arizona State University (2001)
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona (USA)

Nicolas Buchler, Principal Investigator
Biophysics, Ph.D. University of Michigan (2001)
Biophysics, M.S. University of Michigan (1998)
Physics, B.S. UC San Diego (1995)
Hometown: Gainesville, Florida (USA)

Tony Burnetti, CMB/UPGG Graduate Student
Cell Biology & Genetics, B.S. Univ. Maryland – College Park (2011)
Hometown: Derwood, Maryland (USA)

Mariana Gomez-Schiavon, CBB Graduate Student
Biophysics, M.S. CINVESTAV, Monterrey, Mexico (2011)
Genomic Sciences, B.S. UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico (2009)
Hometown: Puebla (Mexico)

Edgar Medina , UPGG Graduate Student
Microbiology, M.S. Universidad de Los Andes, Columbia (2011)
Microbiology, B.S. Universidad de Los Andes, Columbia (2010)
Biology, B.S. Universidad de Los Andes, Columbia (2010)
Hometown: Bogota (Colombia)

Selcan (Tuncay) Aydin, Biology Graduate Student
Systems Biology, M.S. Heidelberg University, Germany (2011)
Biology, B.S. Sabanci University, Turkey (2009)
Hometown: Istanbul (Turkey)

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 08.59.18Mitch Lee, Undergraduate Student
Biology, B.S. Duke University, USA (expected 2017)
Hometown: Dallas, Texas (USA)

David Winski, CBB Graduate Student
Music, B.A. Macalester College (2000)
Hometown: River Forest, Illinois (USA)


Justine (Nickerson) Monsalve, Lab Technician (2009-2011), currently a scientist at GlaxoSmithKline.

BJ Williams, Duke Undergraduate (2012-2013), currently a Biophysics graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill.

Anyimilehidi Mazo-Vargas, Lab Technician (2011-2014), currently in graduate school at Cornell.

Mert Aydin, Lab Technician (2013-2015), currently at the Center for Applied Genomics & Precision Medicine at Duke.

Heungwon Park, Post-doc (2010-2015), currently a post-doc in the Subramaniam lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

Sargis Karapetyan, Graduate Student (2009-2015), currently a post-doc in the Dong lab at Duke University.