Our lab has students and post-docs who are motivated to pursue questions that cross disciplinary boundaries. People in our lab develop and use a range of experimental and/or theoretical skills. Typical skills include perturbing natural gene circuits and building synthetic gene circuits using molecular biology and genetics, measuring in vivo dynamics via timelapse fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry, writing computer software to interface equipment with data acquisition, and developing data analysis tools in MATLAB.  Theoretical approaches include nonlinear dynamics, stochastic chemical kinetics, statistical mechanics, bioinformatics, and computer simulations.

Duke University is located in Durham within the beautiful Piedmont region of North Carolina between the Atlantic ocean to the East and the Blue Ridge mountains to the West. Durham is a vibrant, intellectual city with an interesting history. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, North Carolina Central University, and the Research Triangle Park are all within 20 miles of Duke.